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Welcome! Isla Mujeres is home to world class fishing, beautiful reefs teaming with sea life and one of the most exciting eco-tours in the world, swimming with the Whale Sharks. On Isla Mujeres is here to help make your day on the water perfect!

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On March 31st, 2016 Jorge and 4 friends went on an overnight fishing trip near Cozumel. They disappeared without a trace. There was extensive search by sea and no evidence was found that indicates the boat had problems. The Mexican government continues to investigate.

I am Dianne de la O, Jorge's best friend and business partner. On Isla Mujeres is a family business and many of our crew are family members of the missing men. Together, we are resolved that the best way to keep hope alive, to honor them and to ensure that they return to a thriving business is to move forward. We have been issued a whale shark license for the Anastacia 2 and we will continue with our same passion for excellence, but enhanced with the will to continue in a way that makes Jorge and the Anastacia crew proud.

On behalf of Jorge, our family and the families of all of our crew, we would like to thank you for your patience, understanding and kindness during this difficult time. We remain hopeful and expect the eventual return the entire crew.




About Us

Jorge De La O On Isla Mujeres

My name is Jorge De La O, the owner of On Isla Mujeres. I am a licensed captain who was born and raised on Isla Mujeres. My father was a commercial fisherman, and I have spent my life on the waters surrounding Isla Mujeres and Isla Contoy.

Fishing and being out on the ocean is my passion, which I share with you on my trips. We take pride in our community and the reputation of Isla Mujeres and I promise to show you a good time be it fishing, snorkeling, or site-seeing tours. I have taken many safety and rescue courses so you can be assured of a safe trip.

Anastacia, is my pride and joy. She is a 33 foot command bridge fishing boat designed to give you a smooth and comfortable ride. With a recent complete overhaul we gave her raised sides at the rear to keep you safe and dry. We have equipped her with the latest navigational equipment, marine radio and life jackets for everyone on board. There is a small cabin in the front with a toilet, lots of covered seating as well as sunny areas for those looking to improve their tan. The swim deck and ladder makes it easy to get in and out of the water.

My knowledge of Isla’s marine environment, my respect for the regulations to protect that environment combined with my fluent English, safety certificates and desire to make your trip fun, safe and memorable ensure a perfect day on the waters of Isla Mujeres!


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